But thanks be to God, which giveth us the

victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57

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Meet the CEO of Denise Moss Connected Hearts Foundation

“During my hospital stay, I was personally told by the director of the Heart Transplant Program and professor of Medicine, that he has never seen anything like my story of receiving a new donor heart in only 2 days since he started the heart transplantation program many years ago. He has NEVER seen anyone receive a donor heart within 2 days. God allowed me to be his miracle!”

“Several doctors and nurses would come into my hospital room every day just to look at me and take a peek at me and to meet me, because they referred to me as the ‘miracle woman!’ I will never forget the first nurse of many that came in to say hello to me and told me, “Ms, I don’t know who you are, but I know that you have a purpose for your life”...and several of the heart transplant team, and cardiac unit staff were coming in my hospital room at different moments to also let me know that. As more and more of the hospital staff were coming into my hospital room to peek at me, the more it really hit me that God did something truly amazing just for me! My heart transplant team is still amazed at what God has done for me and is still doing for me to this day. I do not have congestive heart failure or dilated cardiomyopathy anymore. I am not ill, I do not have a sickness, I do not have a bad heart, I do not have heart problems anymore, I am in excellent health. My heart transplant surgery is successful and I am a walking, talking, living testimony of what Jesus Christ can and will do! I am always in awe of what has happened to me. It’s an amazing journey that no one can truly understand.”

“Several miracles were happening to me during my hospital stay and after my heart transplant surgery, which I will soon disclose in the release of my new book.”

“It is my God given purpose, and my prayer, that this powerful journey that I live, is truly a blessing around the globe to everyone, that it helps to catapult your faith and lets everyone know that Jesus Christ definitely answers prayers and is a healer and that you too, all of us, CAN be healed from anything as long as you pray and put your faith into action.”

As of 2019, I was blessed to develop my corporation which is a nonprofit organization:

Denise Moss Connected Hearts Foundation

Showing compassion, giving hope

God spoke to me as though a light bulb went off in my mind and said the green vine in my logo (below) represents Jesus.

John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

I felt in my heart, that I wanted to be a blessing to individuals with cardiac illnesses. My organization and foundation is a platform to financially support individuals/families with heart illnesses and/or during a heart transplant, gives resources and educates black communities and the disadvantaged communities around the nation about being heart healthy, eating more healthy, living a healthy lifestyle for your heart and providing a support team, and although we are open to helping everyone, my primary focus will be helping black, single-household families where the parent has a heart illness and may need a heart transplant and have no help or support at home to take care of their families during these delicate times. DMCHF is also an advocate for those misdiagnosed individuals that actually have cardiac illnesses, like I’ve experienced, and have been mistakenly diagnosed with something else, we will continue to bring community awareness of cardiac illnesses and always promoting for more organ donors by saying ‘YES’ on your driver's license or ID which will save many lives. My organization is my ministry and my “giving back,” which is my true purpose in life. The website/brand denisemossconnectedhearts.org is currently under revisions and will go live very soon.

Please consider giving a gift/s of one-time, occasional or recurring monthly tax-deductible, monetary donation/s and contribution/s to the organization because there are many individuals and families with heart illnesses that need your help and wonderful people like you will greatly continue to provide cardiac clients/families the much needed help and support of Denise Moss Connected Hearts Foundation.

An individual that gives a gracious gift, donation/contribution/s of:

  1. $100 or more will receive a DMCHF t-shirt as a token of our appreciation

  2. $500 or more will receive a DMCHF t-shirt and a certificate of appreciation from DMCHF

  3. A recurring monthly donation/contribution/s set up for (12) twelve months or more of $5,000 or a one-time charitable donation/contribution of $50,000 or more will receive (5) DMCHF t-shirts, a certificate of appreciation from DMCHF, an ongoing acknowledgement on our website as a DMCHF VIP supporter and receive 2 tickets to an upcoming charitable, elegant event/dinner of DMCHF

Please be so kind in sending in your donations/contribution/s through the following platforms:


By using Email: denisemossconnectedheartsfound@gmail.com

Cash app

By using the cash app name: $ConnectedHeartsFound


By using the link provided:


Denise Moss Connected Hearts Foundation

5870 Melrose Ave Suite 3248

Los Angeles, CA 90038

213-538-8229 info@denisemossconnectedhearts.org

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