Victorious Women Magazine, an IRS Tax Exempt 501 (C)  3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, empowering, equipping, and encouraging disadvantaged women and their families so that they can live from a ‘place of victory’ in every area of their lives. We accomplish this through our magazine publication, interactive writing workshops, self-sufficiency programs, community outreach events, and public awareness activities.

The work that we do benefit countless lives. It is made possible because of the generosity of our donors and the selfless commitment of our volunteers. We are deeply grateful for their support. Without them, we simply couldn’t make the kind of impact we are making every day! I have described some of our programs below and hope that you will recognize the value of our work and join our family of donors. Your charitable contribution is truly the hope for the future!

Our magazine has 24 full-color pages with interactive print and digital versions. It focuses on God's faithfulness in the lives of beautiful women around the globe and pays tribute to victorious young ladies who are impacting their communities in positive ways. Nominations for those deserving recognition are ongoing, and all nominees receive prizes.















In conjunction with our publication, we host women ‘refresh’ gatherings throughout the year. During each event, attendees receive a free magazine along with other inspirational products and services. We also offer business, church, organization, product-line advertising in our publication and develop community collaborations with the YWCA ‘Dress for Success Program,’ the Southeastern library system, and the Workforce Center.

Over the years, we have responded to many requests for grammatical and writing assistance from women interested in submitting their stories for publication in our magazine. Our ‘Share Your Story’ writing program was created to fill a need not being met by the community by offering women and their families a focused writing opportunity designed to advance literacy, job readiness, and money management skills.

Our clients often referred to us by ResCare Workforce Services. This is in addition to our own outreach efforts. A Victorious Women volunteer follows up on all referrals, schedules appointments, initiates the intake process, and assesses services needed. We create financial stability strategies designed to help our clients with continued individual growth and family bonding through interactive literacy workshops and group discussions that take place in weekly 90-minute sessions for 9 weeks, accommodating 30 participants.

Countless women and families who have participated in our community outreach programs are now living confident, self-sufficient, and healthy lives. Some of our participants have enrolled in a college degree program or decided to go back to school. Others are now self-sufficient and are making healthier food choices, making positive parenting choices and receiving job promotions. Because of our efforts, women feel safe and encouraged. Their families are happier and eager to attend the next outreach program.

The feedback we have received has been heartwarming! ‘Please keep conducting your programs, because my mom plays with us now. She used to stay in her room all of the time. My mom is smiling again!’ This is just one of our many success stories!

Fostering women empowerment is important on many levels. Having an ability to make meaningful contributions to society not only strengthens their families but their communities as well. In addition, the possibility of self-fulfillment inspires them to shape their lives with confidence and resolve so that they can serve

as a role model for the next generation!

Please donate today and serve as a catalyst of change! Because of our nonprofit status, your donation is tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

To learn more about our activities and programs, please visit our website at We look forward to your support and your involvement. You have the power to make a very real difference in the lives of women and their families!



Semone Love

Executive Director

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